We try our best to get the most amazing beers we can find for you. Sometimes that means we have very rare bottles that come in limited quantities. Red dots mean that we’ve sold out of that beer. Ask your server if you’d like to try something similar and please come back for the other one another time.


Trappist beer is brewed by Trappist monks, members of the Cistercian order. Trappist is a licensed term, and currently only seven breweries in the world may legally produce  Trappist beers. The product must be made within the walls  of a Trappist abbey, by monks, and the largest part of the profit must be spent on social work.

Chimay Blanche 8% alc/vol 330ml $10.75 // Golden in colour, with aromas of hops and yeast. The taste is fruity with notes of muscat and raisins. Finishes slightly bitter. This is a top fermented beer that is re-fermented in the bottle and is not pasturized.

Chimay Rouge 7% alc/vol 330ml $10.75 // Apricot-like fruit, matured by fermentation, well balanced silky taste with fruity nuances and a slightly bitter touch.

Chimay Bleu 9% alc/vol 330ml 10.75 // Fragrance of fresh yeast with a rosy floral touch. A light but pleasant hint of roasted malt. 

Rochefort Trappistes 8 9.2% alc/vol 330ml $11.5 // Sweet aroma of plum, alcohol, and chocolate. Flavour is very complex with dark malts, caramel, chocolate and comforting spices.

Rochefort Trappistes 10 11.3% alc/vol 330ml $12.75// Redish brown in colour, with a compact head. Aroma of figs with a honey mouth-feel. Very similar to the 8 in flavour but much bolder and richer, with a shamless acohol flavour throughout.

Orval 6.2% alc/vol 330ml $11.25 // In contrast to all the others, the Orval Trappist brewery makes only one beer for the general public. It has an intensely aromatic and dry character. A hoppy aroma and a bitter finish.

Westmalle Tripel 9.5% alc/vol 330ml $11 // A strong, dry and spicy trappist ale. High in carbonation this beer has flavours of chamomile, lavender and pepper. Finishes crisp and bitter. 


Belgian-style blond ales are a style of light-colored Belgian ale, similar to a Tripel but sweeter and without the complexity of flavor. “Blond” is also used as a generic term for many breweries for a light beer that does not fit the profile of a Tripel.

Abbaye de St Martin Blonde 7% alc./vol 330ml $9.75 // Medium to high carbonation. Tastes of sweet honey, pepper, sweet corn and herbs. Slightly bitter, semi-dry finish.

La Caracole Saxo Blonde 8% alc/vol 330ml $9.75 // Very dry hoppy aroma, with plenty of lemon and very light candied banana.

Augustijn Blonde 7% alc/vol 330ml $9.75 // Carbonated yet creamy. Aromas of apples, pears and white pepper. Flavours are of wheat and bitter floral hops. 

La Binchoise Blonde 6.5% alc/vol 330ml $9.75 // Pours a beautiful golden yellow. Carries aromas of orange, caramel and spice. Flavours are of sour citrus, cloves and hops.


Brown ales are a style of ale with a dark amber or brown color. Generally flavours such as caramel, nuts and chocolate are present. They are often sweeter and use more malt in the brewnig process.

Pilaarbijter Brune 7% alc/vol 330ml $9.5 // Aroma of light roasted malts and brown sugar. Flavours of berries and sweet prunes. Moderately sweet.

Abbaye de Saint Martin Brune 8% alc/vol 330ml $9.75 //  Buttery peanut brittle, orange marmalade and chocolate. Dusted with a hint of cocoa and hazelnut which fades subtly to a zesty citrus peel.

Mardesous Brune 8% alc/vol 300ml $9.5// Blends the sweetness of malted barley with the bite of hops, how refreshing! Perfectly balanced. 

Petrus Dubbel Bruin 6.5% alc/vol 330ml $9.25 //  A chocolatey aroma. Flavour starts sweet with caramel, raisin, ripe fruits and chocolate. Finishes bitter/sour. 

La Binchoise Brune 8.2% alc/vol 330ml $9.5 // Dark redish brown with a good fluffy head and a rich, spicy malt nose with a slight nose of bitter oranges.

Nostradamus Brune 9.5% alc/vol 330ml $9.75 // Nose is very fruity and plummy with a hint of malts. Flavours are of fruits, malt, brown sugar and a hint spice. 

Pauwel Kwak 8.1% alc/vol 330ml $9.75 // Flavours are sweet malt, caramel and toffee, cherries, yeast, raisins and sherry.

Leute Bokbier 9.5% alc/vol 330ml $10.5 // A strong, dry and spicy ale, with flavours of chamomile, lavender, dark chocolate and pepper. Finishes crisp and bitter. 

Gulden Draak 10.5% alc/vol 330ml $975 // A strong dark ale with chocolate and coffee overtones. Aroma of sugary yeast, caramel, malt and alcohol.

Noir De Dottignies 9% alc/vol 330ml $9.75 // A heavier ale with a strong rich taste. This beer pours nearly black in colour with a thick tan head that lasts. A nice balance between hops and malts for a flavour that is not too sweet. 


Belgian-style ales seldom fit neatly into classic beer styles, They range in flavor and body. Belgian strong ales are significantly stronger in alcohol content (7% and higher).

Tripel Karmeliet 9.1% alc/vol 330ml $9.75 // Pours clear gold with a very light fluffy head. Starts slightly sweet and fruity and is then layered with citrus, spice and caramel to finsih it off. 

Maredsous tripel 10% alc/vol 330ml $9.5 //  Golden-bodied tripel with floral aromas, festive sparkle and a long, warming finish.

Guldenberg 8.5%alcvol330ml $9.75 // Pours a foggy yellow with a storm of bubbles. Flavours are subtle. Notes are of orange and dry hay, followed by a spicy hoppy finish.

Palm Speciale 5.4% alc/vol 330ml $9.5 // Pours light amber with a small to medium white head. Notes of caramel and floral hops. Finishes clean and crisp. 

La Caracole Ambree 7.5% alc/vol 330ml $9.75 // Belgian Amber. Medium body with a nice balance of malts and hops make this an easy going beer.

Duvel 8.1% alc/vol 330ml $9.75 // Very carbonated with a slightly malty, sweet flavor that ends with a touch of bitter hops. One of Belgium’s most popular beers.

Saison De Dottignies 5.5% alc/vol 330ml $10 // Golden in colour with a large white head. Herbal fruit in the nose. Tastes are of subtle earthy herbal notes and fruit. Medium bitter hops flavours enourage a dry finish.

Augustijn Grand Cru 9% alc/vol 330ml $9.75 // Tastes of light citrus. Slight yeast and malt flavours. Lively carbonated.

Satan Gold 8% alc/vol 330 ml $9.75 // Tastes very fresh and rich with flavours of yeast, flowers, apples, malt and a touch of banana.

Satan Red 8% alc/vol 330 ml $9.75 // Aromas of apples, oranges and malts. Flavour is bitter with a hint of alcohol and apples.

Piraat 9% alc/vol 330ml $9.75 // The nose is slightly spicy with orange, citrus and sugar. Very high carbonation. Bitter with the taste of green apples and lemon.

Piraat 10.5% alc/vol 330ml $9.75 // Lots of hops and malt. Mild sweetness. Reminiscent of bread dough, spices and tropical fruits.

De Ranke XX Bitter 6.2% alc/vol 330ml $9.75 // Agressively brewed to be the hoppiest beer in Belgium. Pours a golden yellow. and carries a barnyard yeast character from begining to end. 


These beers are typically cloudy (unfiltered), very pale, with the crisp character of wheat, plus the citric refreshment of orange peel and coriander. Hops play almost no role in this style’s aroma or flavor.

Wittekerke Wit 5% alc/vol 330 ml $9.75 // Flavor is sweet wheat and malt followed by a mixture of lemon, orange and coriander notes. A crisp finish with no real bitterness. 

La Caracole Troublette 5.5% alc/vol 330ml $9.75 //  Aroma of sweet malt, wheat, yeast, and a crisp, light fruitiness. Malt, wheat, and grain flavors are prominent. Notes of sweet fruit in the undertone.

Celis White 5% alc/vol 250ml $8.75 // A fruit and herb infused white wheat beer. Fresh citrus, pear and light floral taste with a light crisp finish

Paulaner Hefeweissbier 5.6% alc/vol 330ml $9 //  A well rounded German Hefeweizen. Pours a dark golden hue with lots of carbonation and forms a nice creamy head.


Lambics are beers from the Pajottenland region of Belgian (southwest of Brussels), made with natural wild yeast. They are often blended with fruit to sweeten their unique flavors

Mort Subite Framboise 4.5% alc/vol 375ml $13 //  Thick raspberry aroma. Flavour is fruity and sweet throughout. Ends sweet, yet slightly dry.

Mort Subite Kriek 4.5% alc/vol 375ml $13 // Flavour is somewhat sweet with light tart cherries, easy spices, subtle wood and a dry lightly bitter finish. 

Chapeau Pêche Lambic 3.5% alc/vol 375ml $13 // Aroma is thick with peach, sugar, and wooden barrel. Mouth feel is thin and slightly pity. 

Chapeau Apricot Lambic 3.5% alc/vol 375ml $13 // Taste is very sweet apricots, some spice and a bit of tartness. The finish is similar to the syrupy fruitiness of canned fruit.

Chapeau Cuvee Lambic (Oude Gueuze) 3.5% alc/vol 375 ml $13 // Tart, lemony and slight woody flavours. Sour taste and aroma. Finishes smooth and tart

Lindemans Kriek Lambic 4% alc/vol 355ml $13 // Pours cherry red with a nice sized pink head. Aroma is all cherry. Nice sweetness without being overwhelming.

Lindemans Framboise Lambic 2.5% alc/vol 355ml  $13 // Very sweet with lots of ripe raspberry flavors. Aroma is pleasant, freshly picked overripe raspberries and currents.

Lindemans Peach Lambic 2.5% alc/vol 355ml $13 // Taste is of peaches and a classic Lambic sourness. It is sweet, yet not over powering.

Boon Kriek Lambic 5% alc/vol 355ml $12.5 // Two year aged belgian lambic. Pours reddish amber with aromas and flavours of wood barrels and sour cherries.

Cantillon Gueuze 5% alc/vol 330ml $13 // A blend of one, two and three year lambics that create a second fermentation in the bottle. A newer organic vintage. Tastes are of honey and lovely herbal lemon. Slightly sour. Nose is of citrus and wet barrel wood.

Cantillon Kriek 5% alc/vol 330ml $13 // Belgium’s most authentic lambic. Pours royal red with a light pink head. Begins with flavours of sweet ripe cherries and ends with a sour cherry finish. Mild cinnamon notes. Soft carbonation

Liefman’s Fruitese 4.2% alc/vol 250ml $8.25// Pleasantly sweet and sparkly fruit beer. This beer began as a traditional belgian ale, matured in cherries for 18mos. and then blended with natural fruit juices of cherry, bilberry, elderberry, strawberry and raspberry. 


Gavroche 8% alc/vol 330ml $9.75 // Pours chestnut brown with a thick tan head. Sweet flavours of caramel, plums, bitter and floral hops. 

Paulaner Salvator 7.9% alc/vol 330ml $9.5 // Still using the original reciepe from 1896, this beer is bold and strong. Recognizable notes are of molasses, yeast and cracked bread. 

Verhaeghe Duchesse de Bourgogne 6.2% alc/vol 330ml $9.75 // Aroma of vanilla, alcohol, vinegar, and candied fruit. Very sweet & somewhat sour flavor, creating an intersting blend worth trying.

Verhaeghe Echte Kriekenbier 6.8% alc/vol 330ml $9.5 // Flavours of natural cherry, herbs, caramel and ginger root. Vaguely sour. Finishes sweet dry and refreshing. 

Petrus Aged Pale 7.3% alc/vol 330ml $9.75 // Pours deep golden. Notes of apple, lemon, vinegar, honey and candied sugar. Flavour and aroma are both quite sour. 

La Binchoise Bière Des Ours 8.4% alc/vol 330ml $9.75 // Taste has a hint of candied sugar, mild candied lemon and light sweet honey, with a minor dry hoppy finish. 


Greens Quest Tripel Gluten Free Blonde 8.5% alc/vol 500ml $13 // If you want a gluten free beer this is good choice. Aroma is apple cider, cherry cola, and white wine. Light body is astringent and dry.

Silenrieux Joseph Spelt Ale (Biologique) 6% alc/vol 750 ml $21// Aromas of citrus, lemon grass and yeast. Flavours of citrus fruit, wheat and spice. 

Silenrieux Sara Blonde 6% alc/vol 750 ml $21 //  A buckwheat ale. Light pale appearance with a medium sized fine head. Citrus and fruit aroma. This is a refreshing beer, with no bitterness at all.

Gouden Carolus Ambrio 8% alc/vol 750ml $21 // Aroma of sweet fruits. Tastes dry and fruity, like citrus and cherry. 

Bière Darbyste 5.8% alc/vol 750ml $21 // Brewed with fig juice. Aroma of warm bread, tart citrus and musty graLight peppery phenols and barnyard notes throughout with a citrus and pear flavor to finish it off.

Deus Brut des Flandres 11.5% alc/vol 750ml $47 // Bottled in France, using the classic champagnoise method. This beer is an absolute ‘must try’ experience for any serious beer connoisseur!

Saison Dupont 6.5% alc/vol 750ml $21 // A uniquie yeast, malt and earth aroma, with a fresh burst of spicy citrus.

3 Monts 8.5% alc/vol 750ml $21 // Honey apple flavour with no sour tones but instead a gentle bitterness. Mild citrus and a very dry finish with a hint of cloves. 

Moinette Brune 8.5% alc/vol 750ml $21 // Soft sugar nose with caramel, fresh red plum and malts. Some mixed herbs in the undertones. 

Moinette Blonde 8.5% alc/vol 750ml $21 // Tastes of apple, lemon jelly, sesame, wood, dried apricot and finishes with vanilla. 


Local 1 9% alc/vol 750ml $22 // Belgian style golden ale. Floral and herbal on the nose, slightly sweet and a touch of citrus on the palate. Finished with a slight bitterness to balance everything out.

Local 2 9% alc/vol 750ml $22 // This abbey style brune is typical of the style brewed across the pond. With local wildflower honey and sweet orange peel, this beer pairs well with any number of foods.

Le Merle 7.9% alc/vol 750ml $18 // A rustic ale, pale in color, inspired by the rich brewing traditions of the Flanders region. Doughy with hints of citrus.

Le Freak // Green Flash Brewing Co. California 9.2% alc/vol6 50ml $19 // This aptly named beer is a mix of a belgian trippel and American imperial IPA. Malty sweetness and hoppy bitterness make this monster of a beer a must try.


A Microbrewery, is a small brewery which produces a limited amount of beer. They generally reflect an alternative attitude and approach to brewing flexibility, adaptability, and experimentation. Craft Beer generally refers to beer that is brewed using traditional methods, with fewer adjuncts (unmalted grains such as corn, rice, rye etc) than mass-produced beers. 


Old Rasputin 9% alc/vol 330ml $9 // Imperial Stout. A rich, intense brew with a robust palate, a fruity nose and a warming finish. Very complex.

Brother Thelonious 9% alc/vol 330ml $9.25 // A Belgian style Dark Strong Ale, it is rich and robust. The brewery makes a contribution to the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz for every case sold, in support of jazz education.

PranQster 7.6% alc/vol 300ml $9 // Follows a tradition using a mixed culture of antique yeast strains that results in a floral nose, a full fruity flavor and a clean finish. 


Inversion IPA 6.8% alc/vol 330ml $7.5 // Typical of a northwest style IPA, citrus and pine are prominent features here. Bitter but balanced.

Green Lakes Organic 5% alc/vol 330ml $7.5 // Made with 3 types of 100% ORGANIC malted barley and balanced with Palisades, Brewers’ Gold, and Crystal hops, this amber ale is as kind to you as it is to Mother Earth.


Hop Ottin’ — Anderson Valley Brewing Co. 7% alc/vol 300ml $8.5 // Starts with a strong floral aroma, which pulls you into a deep and complex body. An intriguing balance of honey-drenched malts coat rich hops undertones.

West Coast IPA — Green Flash Brewing Co. California 7.3% alc/vol 330ml $8.5 // This West Coast-Style IPA is extravagantly hopped, full flavored, medium bodied and copper colored.

Dead Guy Ale — Rogue Brewery Newport, Oregon  6.6% alc/vol 330ml $9 // In the style of German mailbock using proprietary pacman ale yeast. This beer had no chemicals, additives or preservatives. Deep honey in colour with a malty aroma and rich hearty flavour.

Brooklyn Pennant Ale ’55 5% alc/vol 330ml $7 // A traditional English Pale Ale. This beer is light honey in colour with a brisk malt palate and a finely balanced hop character. 

Brooklyn Lager 5.2% alc/vol 330ml $7// This classic medium bodied lager helped usher in the craft beer revolution. Malts and hops live in perfect unity to make this a perfectly balanced beer. 

Kilt Lifter Ruby Ale — The Pike Brewery, Seattle  6.5% alc/vol 330ml $8 // Layers of rich, sweet, powerful earthy malt. A subtle underlying smokiness from the addition of a small amount of peated Scotch whisky malt.

Tire Bite — Flying Dog, Maryland 5.1% alc/vol 330ml $8.25 // Award-winning example of the German style Kölsch golden ale. Brewed with prized pale malts and German Hops, Tire Bite is a refreshing Golden Ale.

Gonzo Imperial Porter — Flying Dog, Maryland 7.8% alc/vol 330ml $8 .25// Gonzo Imperial Porter is mysteriously dark with a rich malty body, intense roasted flavors, and a surprisingly unique hop kick.

Punk IPA// BrewDogBrewery, Scotland  6% alc/vol 330ml $7.75 // North American style IPA. Big malts with the hops to match it.

77 Lager — BrewDogBrewery, Scotland 4.9% alc/vol 330ml $7.75 // Full flavoured lager with a little bit of body. Blend of Noble and new world hops contribute to a unique beer.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 5.6% alc/vol 330ml $8 // Classic American pale ale. Amber coloured with a full body and liberal dose of cascade hops.


Hitachino White Ale 5.5% alc/vol 330ml $9 //  Brewed in the tradition of a Belgian style white beer with coriander, nutmeg, orange peel and orange juice.



Longboat Double Chocolate P orter 5.2% alc/vol 650ml $10.5// A flavour experience. This London style porter is full of cocao and malts. Big, robust and such a treat.

Slipstream Cream Ale 5% alc/vol 341ml $6 // A smooth, easy drinking cream ale. Slight sweetness and medium body make this an easy drinking session ale.

Phillips Feature 650ml $12.5 // What could it be today? Who knows? Your server, that’s who. Ask them and they will tell you all about it. If we have any that is. Supplies are limited and these babies go fast.


White Bark Ale — Driftwood Brewery, Victoria BC 5.5% alc/vol 650ml $11 // A traditional Belgian-style Wit. Subtle malt is balanced with the floral flavors of corianderand Curaçao orange peel from the West Indies.

Farmhand Ale — Driftwood Brewery, Victoria BC 5.0% alc/vol 650ml $11 // A traditional Belgian-style Farm ale. Tart malt is balanced with flavours of fruit and spice.


St. Ambroise Apricot wheat ale — McAuslan Brewery, Montreal, Que 5% alc/vol 330ml $6.25 // This clean fruit ale boast a generous helping of apricots with malted wheat to create an original, refreshing beer.

St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout — McAuslan Brewery, Montreal, Que 5% alc/vol 330ml $6.25 // This intensely black ale carries strong hints of espresso and chocolate. The oatmeal contributes body and ensures a long-lasting mocha-coloured head. 

Extra Special Bitter — Propeller Brewing, Halifax, N.S.  5% alc/vol 341ml $6.25 // English-style bitter made from a blend of two-row malts. This copper coloured bitter has a robust body and is a pleasure to drink.


La Fin du Monde 9% alc/vol 750ml $13 // This is a triple fermented beer whose name means the end of the world. With a floral nose. Flavors of apples, pears. yeast and earthy spices.

Maudite 8% alc/vol 750ml $13 // This full bodied, mahagony coloured strong ale has won multiple awards. Lots of malts, dried fruits and spices on the palate.

Trois Pistoles 9% alc/vol 750ml $13 // This is a bold beer which is reminescent of a port wine. Candied fruits and toasted malts break through the big body leaving just the slightest carress of alcohol on the finish.

Ephemere Apple 5.5% alc/vol 750ml $13 // A Pleasant display of Granny Smith apples give a full, solid flavour to this white beer. Crisp and refreshing.