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Bomber ESB (BC) 7
Bomber Pilsner (BC) 7
Bomber Seasonal (BC) 7
Kronenbourg Lager(FRA) 5 (25cl) / 8.25 (50cl)
Kronenbourg Blanc Wit (FRA) 5 (25cl) / 8.25 (50cl)
Carlsberg Lager(DEN) 8 (40cl)
Grimbergen Blonde (BEL) 6 (25cl) / 10 (50cl)
Grimbergen Dubbel (BEL) 6 (25cl) / 10 (50cl)
Phillip’s Blue Buck Pale Ale (BC) 7
Dageraad Wit (BC) 8
Delirium Tremens (BEL) 7 (25cl) / 9(33cl)
Driftwood Fat Tug IPA (BC) 7.5
Red Truck Rotating Beers (BC) 7
Fresh BC Cask Ale (Please ask your server) 7.5
Somersby Apple Cider (DEN) 7.5

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Früli Fruit Beer (BEL) 8
Pilsner Urquell (CZE) 8.25 (50cl)
Leffe Blonde (BEL) 8.5
Chouffe Blonde (BEL) 9.75
Chouffe Houblon IPA Tripel (BEL) 9.75
Erdinger Weisse (GER) 9 (50cl)
Duchesse De Bourgogne Flanders Red (BEL) 9
St. Bernardus ABT 12 Quadrupel (BEL) 10.5
Chimay Trappiste (BEL) 12
Guest Taps (Please ask your server) MKT

We try our best to get the most amazing beers we can find for you. Sometimes that means we have very rare bottles that come in limited quantities. So, we may be out of a few things.


Trappist beer is brewed by Trappist monks, members of the Cistercian order. Trappist is a licensed term, and currently only eight breweries in the world may legally produce Trappist beers. The product must be made within the walls of a Trappist abbey, by monks, and the largest part of the profit must be spent on social work.

Chimay Blanche 8% alc/vol 330ml $11.5 // Golden in colour, with aromas of hops and yeast. The taste is fruity with notes of muscat and raisins. Finishes slightly bitter. This is a top fermented beer that is re-fermented in the bottle and is not pasturized.

Chimay Rouge // 7% alc/vol 330ml $11.5 // Apricot-like fruit, matured by fermentation, well balanced silky taste with fruity nuances and a slightly bitter touch.

Chimay Bleu // 9% alc/vol 330ml $11.5 // Fragrance of fresh yeast with a rosy floral touch. A light but pleasant hint of roasted malt.

Orval // 6.2% alc/vol 330ml $12 // In contrast to all the others, the Orval Trappist brewery makes only one beer for the general public. It has an intensely aromatic and dry character. A hoppy aroma and a bitter finish.

Rochefort Trappistes 6 // 7.5% alc/vol 330ml $12 // The smaller, smooth drinking little brother of the Rochefort line.Like it’s big brother, only smaller.

Rochefort Trappistes 8 // 9.2% alc/vol 330ml $13 // Sweet aroma of plum, alcohol, and chocolate. Flavour is very complex with dark malts, caramel, chocolate and comforting spices.

Rochefort Trappistes 10 // 11.3% alc/vol 330ml $14.5 // Redish brown in colour, with a compact head. Aroma of figs with a honey mouth-feel. Very similar to the 8 in flavour but much bolder and richer with a shameless alcohol flavour.


Witbiers are typically cloudy (unfiltered), very pale, with the crisp character of wheat, plus the citric refreshment of orange peel and coriander. Hops play almost no role in this style’s aroma or flavor.

La Caracole Troublette // 5.5% alc/vol 330ml $9.75 // Aroma of sweet malt, wheat, yeast, and a crisp, light fruitiness. Malt, wheat, and grain flavours are prominent. Notes of sweet fruit in the undertone.

Hoegaarden // 4.9% alc./vol. 330ml $8 // Classic Belgium wit balancing wheat, citrus, and corriander flavors. Thank Perre Celis for reviving this style of delicious brew

Abbaye de Rocs Blanche Des Honnelles // 6% alc./vol. 330ml $11 //Darker in colour then you would expect for the style, this “big brother” witt is complex with a dry finish.

Paulaner Hefeweissbier // 5.6% alc/vol 330ml $10 //A well rounded German Hefeweizen. Pours a dark golden hue with lots of carbonation and forms a nice creamy head.


Belgian-style ales seldom fit neatly into classic beer styles, They range in flavor and body. Belgian strong ales are significantly stronger in alcohol content (7% and higher) and go with just about any meal.

Tripel Karmeliet // 9.1% alc/vol 330ml $9.75 // Pours clear gold with a very light fluffy head. Starts slightly sweet and fruity, then layers with citrus, spice and caramel to finish it off.

Abbaye de St Martin Blonde // 7% alc/vol 330ml $9.75 // Medium to high carbonation. Tastes of sweet honey, pepper, sweet corn and herbs. Slightly bitter, semi-dry finish.

La Caracole Saxo Blonde // 8% alc/vol 330ml $9.75 // Very dry hoppy aroma, with plenty of lemon and very light candied banana.

Saison De Dottignies // 5.5% alc/vol 330ml $11 // Golden in colour with a large white head. Herbal fruit in the nose. Tastes of subtle earthy herbal notes and fruit.

Piraat // 10.5% alc/vol 330ml $9.75 // Lots of hops and malt. Mild sweetness. Reminiscent of bread dough, spices and tropical fruits.
Bellerose // 6.5% alc/vol 250ml $9.5 // A mix between French “bière de Garde” and IPA with distinctive aromas of citrus & litchi with a hoppy but refreshing aftertaste

Brugse Zot Blonde // 6% alc/vol 330ml $9.5 // This belgian ale from the city of Bruges features a little spiciness and tropical fruits with a nice, dry finish.

Guldenberg // 8.75% alc/vol 330ml $9.5 // Pours a foggy yelow with a storm of bubbles. Flavours are subtle. Notes are of orange and dry hay, followed by a spicy hoppy finish.

De Ranke XX Bitter // 6.2% alc/vol 330ml $11 // Agressively brewed to be the hoppiest beer in Belgium. Pours a golden yellow. and carries a barnyard yeast character from begining to end.


Belgian Brunes and Dubbels are brown ales are a dark amber or brown color. Generally flavours such as caramel, nuts and chocolate are present. They are often sweeter and use more malt in the brewing process.

St. Feuillien Brune // 8.5% alc/vol 330ml $11.50 // This Abbey dubbel has a gorgeous ruby brown colour, featuring a perfectly balanced blend of caramel and liquorice. Finishes dry and leaves you wanting more.

Abbaye de Saint Martin Brune // 8% alc/vol 330ml $10 // Buttery peanut brittle, orange marmalade and chocolate. Dusted with a hint of cocoa and hazelnut which fades subtly to a zesty citrus peel.

Brugse Zot Dubbel // 7.5% alc/vol 330ml $9.5 // This belgian dubbel features a fairly light body and tastes of raw sugar, toffee and dried fruits.

Nostradamus Brune // 9.5% alc/vol 330ml $9.75 // Nose is very fruity and plummy with a hint of malts. Flavours of fruits, malt, brown sugar and a hint of spice.

Pauwel Kwak // 8.1% alc/vol 330ml $9.75 // Flavours are sweet malt, caramel and toffee, cherries, yeast, raisins and sherry.

Delirium Nocturnum // 8.5% alc/vol 330ml $11 // Touches of mocha and caramel to open. Finishes dry and roasty.

Noir De Dottignies //  9% alc/vol 330ml $11 // This beer pours nearly black in colour with a thick tan head that lasts. A nice balance between hops and malts for a flavour that is not too sweet.

De la Senne Stouterik // 4.5% alc/vol 330ml $11 // Brewed in the style of an Irish stout, the Stouterik is light, dry, and freshly bitter with complex roasted notes.

Abbaye de Rocs Brune // 9% alc./vol. 330ml $11 //Its colour is a striking deep and majestic red. Its taste is rich and full of subtlety. Complex and deep. A must try.


Lambics are beers from the Pajottenland region of Belgian (southwest of Brussels), made with natural wild yeast. They are often blended with fruit to sweeten their unique flavors.

Chapeau Pêche Lambic // 3.5% alc/vol 375ml $16 // Aroma is thick with peach, sugar, and wooden barrel. Mouth feel is thin and of slight peach pit.

Chapeau Apricot Lambic // 3.5% alc/vol 375ml $16 // Taste is very sweet apricots, some spice and a bit of tartness. The finish is similar to the syrupy fruitiness of canned fruit.

Lindemans Framboise Lambic // 2.5% alc/vol 355ml $15 // Very sweet with lots of ripe raspberry flavors. Aroma is pleasant, freshly picked overripe raspberries and currents.

Lindemans Peach Lambic // 2.5% alc/vol 355ml $15 // Taste is of peaches and sourness. It is sweet, yet not overpowering.

Peche Mel Scaldis // 8.5% alc/vol 330ml $9 // A nice peach flavored beer whose ABV is not overpowering and posses a great presence of fruit, sour, yeast, and grass/hay.


Hercule Belgian Stout // 9% alc/vol 330ml $13 // This “Belgian” Imperial Stout is as dynamic as it is balanced. Notes of coffee and chocolate are in perfect unison with the dry roasted malts.

Gavroche 8% alc/vol 330ml $9.75 // Pours chestnut brown with a thick tan head. Sweet flavours of caramel, plums, bitter and floral hops.

Gulden Draak 9000 // 10.5% alc/vol 330ml $9.75 // Extremely rich and complex taste with a smooth and subtle sweetness. A wine yeast is used for the secondary fermentation, which contributes to the grandiose taste.

Saison Dupont // 6.5% alc/vol 330ml $9.75 // A unique yeast, malt and earthy aroma, with a fresh burst of spicy citrus.

Verhaeghe Duchesse de Bourgogne // 6.2% alc/vol 330ml $9.75 // Aroma of vanilla, alcohol, vinegar, and candied fruit. Very sweet and somewhat sour.
Gulden Draak // 10.5% alc/vol 330ml $9.75 // A strong dark ale with chocolate and coffee overtones. Aroma of sugary yeast, caramel, malt and alcohol.

Brasserie Des Rocs Montagnarde // 9% alc/vol 330ml $11 // This beer, robust in taste and strengthis the tops for flavour. It has a fruity and spicy bouquet, it has a stark taste, between a sharp bitterness and a caramelised flavour. The final impression is one of gingerbread without sugar.

Bockor Cuvee des Jacobins // 5.5% alc/vol 330ml $11 // This beer has a robust character with a full body and overtones of vanilla, dried cherry, stone fruit and cocoa. It is a complex, beautiful sour beer.

Bockor Vanderghinste Oud Bruin // 5.5% alc/vol 330ml $9 // Its typical flavour is characterized by a well-balanced, hardly noticeable sourness. This first flavour impression is soon followed by a second pleasant discovery: a slight bitterness followed by a hint of sweetness.

Paulaner Salvator // 7.9% alc/vol 330ml $9.5 // Strong notes of caramel and lots of malt. The flavour is sweet, with again much caramel, molasses, malt and little hops.


You know we are looking out for you, my celiac friends

Brasseurs Sans Gluten Glutenberg Pale Ale Américaine // 5.5% alc/vol 473ml $11.5 // This gluten free example of an American Pale Ale has a nice copper colour and balances smooth caramel flavours with american hops.

Brasseurs Sans Gluten Glutenberg Red // 5% alc/vol 473ml $11.5 // Gluten free amber made with hazelnuts gives it a unique nutty flavour. Gold Medal winner for gluten free neers.

Greens Quest Tripel Gluten Free // 8.5% alc/vol 500ml $16 // If you want a gluten free beer this is a good choice. Aromas of apple cider, cherry cola, and white wine.

Mongozo Premium Pilsener // 5% alc/vol 330ml $9.5  // Fairtrade – organic – gluten free. This European pilsner features notes of straw and hay with a slightly bitter finish.

Left Field Big Cider // 6.3% alc/vol 500ml $13.5 // From Logan Lake, BC, this blend is dominated by bitter-sweet cide apples whose rich tannins are balanced by the fruity aromatics of Okanagan dessert apples.

Lonetree Cider // 5% alc/vol 330ml $6.5 // Using locally sourced apples from the Okanagan this authentic dry cider retains its fruit aromatics & flavour with a crisp finish.

Sommersby Blackberry //5% alc/vol 500ml $9 //This sweet cider pours a brilliant rose-pink colour with an amber hue. You’ll find pronounced aromas of fresh cherry, cassis, blackberry syrup with a pleasant apple fruit finish.

Strongbow // 5% alc/vol 500ml $9 // Clear gold in colour, aromas of apple, brown sugar and cinnamon. A lively carbonated cider with a short and crisp finish.


Goose Island Sofie // 6.5% alc./vol. 750ml $22 // Fermented with wild yeasts and aged in wine barrels with orange peel, this Belgian-style saison is a tart, dry, sparkling ale. A subtle, spicy white pepper note, a hint of citrus from the orange peel and a creamy vanilla finish.

Goose Island Matilda // 7% alc./vol. 750ml $22 // Matilda is made with a rare yeast that suggests a fruity and spicy flavor. The complex maltiness balanced with a profuse amount of hops characterizes this Belgian Pale Ale.

Abbaye des Rocs Grand Cru // 9% alc./vol. 750ml $24 // Rich, complex fruit aroma of cherries, golden raisins, peaches, and assorted dried fruit, laced with honey and caramel. Finishes smooth with a hint of mollasses.

Abbaye des Rocs Triple Impériale // 10% alc./vol. 750ml $24 // Dark, complex tripel. Flavours of nuts, caramel, dark fruits. Alcohol peeks through, providing a nice balance.

3 Monts // 8.5% alc/vol 750ml $21 // Apple honey flavour with no sour tones but yet a gentle bitterness. Mild citrus and a very dry finish with a hint of cloves.

Upright Six // 6.7% alc/vol 750ml $24 // Six is a dark rye beer with layered flavors including chocolate, caramel, pepper, wood, cherry and tropical fruit. It starts semi-dry and smooth and finishes fully dry and tart with a small bite from the hops.

Deus Brut des Flandres // 11.5% alc/vol 750ml $47 // Bottled in France using the classic champagnoise method. This beer is an absolute ‘must try’ experience for any serious beer connoisseur!

Erdinger Alkoholfrei // 0.5% alc/vol 473ml $7 // This german alcohol-free beer is isotonic, classified as a sports drink in Germany.

Mill St. Organic // 4.2% alc/vol 330ml $7 //This light lager has a subtle malt and hop presence, light hop aroma and is highly drinkable.

Tuborg // 4.6% alc/vol 330ml $7 // This danish “vienna” lager is light golden colour with a herbal fruity aroma, light body and light sweetness.

Czechvar // 5% alc/vol 500ml $8 // A classic Czech Pilsner, with moderate “noble” hop aromas – a benchmark for the style.

Guinness // 4.3% alc/vol 440ml $8 // Tried, tested and true: This classic stands up to any stout on the market – 10 million pints of Guinness are poured a day.


A Microbrewery is a small brewery which produces a limited amount of beer. They generally reflect an alternative attitude and approach to brewing flexibility, adaptability, and experimentation. Craft Beer generally refers to beer that is brewed using traditional methods, with fewer adjuncts (unmalted grains such as corn, rice, rye etc) than mass-produced beers.

Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout // 9% alc/vol 300ml $9 // A rich, intense brew with a robust palate, a fruity nose and a warming finish. Very complex.

Mirror Pond Pale Ale // 5% alc/vol 330ml $7 // A complex bouquet and flavours of dark fruit, caramel and sweet malts. Creamy, and dark burgundy in colour. A nice balance between hops and malts.

Inversion IPA // Deschutes Brewery Bend, Oregon // 6.8% alc/vol 330ml $7.5 // Typical of a northwest style IPA, citrus and pine are prominent features here. Bitter but balanced.

Ommegang Hennepin  // 7.7% alc/vol 330ml $11.5 // A bright and lively saison with a warming mix of gingersnap and citrusy hops. Refreshing with a dry finish.

Lagunitas IPA // 6.2% alc./vol. 330ml $7.5 // Another Westcoast style IPA from Lagunitas. Medium bodied. Hoppy, but not bitter.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale // 5.6% alc/vol 330ml $8 //Classic American pale ale. Amber coloured with a full body and liberal dose of cascade hops.

New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale // 5.2% alc/vol 330ml $8 //Showcasing Belgium inspired brewing, this amber ale has a slight sweetness to go with its flavours of toasty, biscuit-like malt and a finish of fresh hoppyness.

Ninkasi Total Domination // 6.7% alc/vol 330ml $8 //Sweet yet tart citrus, with a piney nose and slight bready finish. An IPA with a dry profile and “dominating” deliciousness. See what I did there?


phillips brewing company // victoria, bc

Longboat Double Chocolate Porter // 5.2% alc/vol 650ml $14 // A flavour experience. This London-style porter is full of cocoa and malts. Big, robust and such a treat.

Slipstream Cream Ale // 5% alc/vol 341ml $6.5 // A smooth, easy drinking cream ale. Slight sweetness and medium body make this an easy drinking session ale.


Driftwood Brewing // victoria, bc

White Bark Ale // Driftwood Brewery, Victoria BC //
5.5% alc/vol 650ml $14 // A traditional Belgian-style Wit. Subtle malt is balanced with the floral flavours of corianderand Curaçao orange peel from the West Indies.

Farmhand Ale // Driftwood Brewery, Victoria BC //
5.0% alc/vol 650ml $14 // A traditional Belgian-style Farm Ale. Tart malts are balanced with flavours of fruit and spice.


unibroue // chambly, quebec

La Fin du Monde // 9% alc/vol 750ml $13 // This is a triple
fermented beer whose name means the end of the world. With a floral nose and flavours of apples, pears. yeast and earthy spices.

Maudite // 8% alc/vol 750ml $13 // This full bodied,
mahagony coloured strong ale has won multiple awards. Lots of malts, dried fruits and spices on the palate.

Trois Pistoles // 9% alc/vol 750ml $13 // This is a bold beer which is reminescent of a port wine. Candied fruits and toasted malts break through the big body leaving just the slightest carress of alcohol on the finish.


St. Ambroise Apricot Wheat Ale // McAuslan Brewery, Montreal, Que 5% alc/vol 330ml $6.50 // This clean fruit ale boasts a generous helping of apricots with malted wheat to create an original, refreshing beer.

Péché Mortel // Dieu de Ciel, Montreal, Que 9.5% alc/vol 341ml $10 // Péché Mortel (French for “Mortal Sin”) is an intensely black and dense beer with very pronounced roasted flavours. Fair trade coffee is infused during the brewing process, intensifying the bitterness of the beer and giving it a powerful coffee taste.

Aphrodisiaque // Dieu de Ciel, Montreal, Que 6.5% alc/vol 341ml $8.5 // Black ale with aromas and flavours of vanilla, dark chocolate, bourbon and roasted malt. The vanilla and cocoa marry nicely, without out-competing each other, to produce a surprisingly well balanced beer.


Grab the last few bottles in our inventory. Supplies are limited and once they are gone, they are gone!

Pilaarbijter Brune // 7% alc/vol 330ml $9.5 // Aroma of light roasted malts and brown sugar. Flavours of berries and sweet prunes. Moderately sweet.

Driftwood Old Cellar Dweller 2014 // 13.1% alc/vol 650ml $22 // Three times the malt bill and five times the hops of a normal strength beer this classic Barleywine features a hoppy profile and dry finish that only a year of cellaring can accomplish

Oud Beersel Oude Geuze Vielle // 6% alc/vol 330ml $17 // A rich sourness greets those brave enough to try this beer. Complex flavours of funky yeast, sour candy, and vinegar are found with each sip.

La Trappe Oak Aged Batch 18 // 11% alc/vol 330ml $45 // This Quadrupel has a copper-brown colour and a smoky flavour, as newly burnt wood was used. Barrels used: Moscatel 50%, Brandy 16,7%, Oloroso 16,7%, New Oak High Toast 16,7%.

La Trappe Quadrupel // 10% alc/vol 750ml $30 // Its warm and intense flavour is rich and finely balanced. Malty sweet, slightly burnt, and pleasantly bitter with a sweet aftertaste. The only Trappiste beer from the Netherlands.

Lagunitas Equinox // 8% alc/vol 750ml $16 //A creamy, pale oat ale hopped up with a huge charge of Equinox and Simcoe hops for a piney, eucalyptusy, cedary, sprucey, foresty blast.