Sunday January 3rd PM

AMAZING night. Wasnt sure what to expect, first table came in around 5:30, full by 6:30. I was running a small section, which gave me time to assist the busser and still run the door, drinks took perhaps 1-2 extra minutes, kitchen was barely the same, EVERYONE ROCKED IT! Really good vibe in the room, we even teetered one a one table wait for only a few minutes. Really good teamwork tonight really impressed with everyone. Andrew was the superstar of the evening. Not much late night business, although we did get 4 more tables come in right after the rush which were here till close. I got started on inventory alot later then I usually do, so we were here a bit later then usual. Close was a bit hectic, just catching up and getting everything ready for the next day.

Everyone closed

Andrew Josh Chelsea and I

Sales ended at $5300


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